Some Tunes You May Have Missed – July 13

As always in this series of articles here are some tunes from the last few months that I like and think maybe you might too. So let’s just get on with shall we?

Rex the Dog – Do You Feel What I Feel

First up we have English DJ and producer Rex the Dog who used to be called JX and at various times some other less well known pseudonyms too. I’ve been a fan of his since he took on the latest moniker a few years back with the album The Rex the Dog Show. This latest single features Jamie McDermott on vocals. Mr McDermott is a talented musician in his own right with a brand of campy electro-pop and here sticks to that with some Jimmy Sommerville-esque warbles. The track itself is a little quirkier than a lot of Rex’s usual output being a slab of post-disco electronica that could easily have been a mid-80s chart topper – which is just the kind of thing we love at With the DJ. Personally I also hope that it means the Daft Punk inspired disco revival revival is over and we’re quickly moving onto a much more interesting electro pop revival revival.

ShockOne – Lightcycles

Something very different now with a track from ShockOne’s new sci-fi themed drum n bass album, Universus. Whilst not quite a concept album it certainly sounds like his own take on the Tron soundtrack. Whether it’s better than Daft Punk’s original version (ie the last good thing they did) is down to personal taste but it’s certainly good fun. ‘Lightcycles’ is the most Tron inspired track both in title and content with soaring synths and an epic quality that you only get in good sci-fi – not that Tron was good sci-fi but hopefully you get the point – whatever, it’s bloody good.

The Good Natured – 5-HT

This lot are an a synthpop band fronted by the ever so quirky Sarah McIntosh. How much she and her tracks appeal to you probably depends on how much time you spend hanging around Hackney and Shoreditch but generally isn’t too risible. With this track though she’s upped her game a little and delivered a catchy little nugget of indie-dance-pop fun which is well worth a few listens. Interestingly the song is named after the serotonin receptors in your brain so isn’t just musically worthwhile but educational too.


Polly Scattergood – Wanderlust (Charli XCX Remix)

What we have here is another quirky electro-popster who probably has quite a few gigs in East London, though one whose output is a little more interesting than most of The Good Natured’s tracks. The original of ‘Wanderlust’ is pretty good, but far better is the Charli XCX remix whose own work tends to be a bit too poppy for me but seems to come alive when working with others, such as providing vocals for people like Alex Metric or, as here, taking an okay track and making it much, much better.

Steve Mason – Never Be Alone

Sorry no video for this one as it seems to be suffering from “ I can’t cope with the modern music industry so please pirate me disease” but you can hear a section on beatport right here. You’ll notice we’ve moved away from synth-pop now to more rockier ground with the latest from ex-Beta Band member Steve Mason. It’s a single from his new album and like a lot of his stuff is quite traditional guitar music but somehow moves beyond that with layers of ethereal and moody electronics and production. This usually results in very evocative music and ‘Never Be Alone’ is a particular highlight though I do wonder if it isn’t a sound better suited to a gloomy winter’s day than this very un-British heatwave we’ve been having. Oh well sure it’ll be raining again soon.

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