Orbital – Christmas Chime

We love Orbital here at With the DJ, we expecially like their rave classic ‘Chime’. We also like Christmas so you can imagine our joy when we found out today that Orbital have released a brand new Christmas-ified version of ‘Chime. It’s really quite excellent – you can have a listen below and buy it on the iTunes from 16th December. Let’s make it Christmas number 1!

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2 Responses to Orbital – Christmas Chime

  1. JJ Allen says:

    There’s another rave classic in the running for Christmas No.1 – Activ-8 by Altern8.

    See the website at altern8xmas.com, you can also follow then on Twitter at @altern8xmas. Remixes are available to pre-order on iTunes now, available on the 16th Dec.

  2. Alex says:

    Thanks – will check it out!